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Cigar Humidors
Each S. Tinker Cigar Humidor is crafted with the utmost care, with special
attention paid to joinery that will be subjected to the rigors of maintaining a
constant temperature and humidity internally while having fluctuations of
humidity outside.

As one would expect from a fine humidor, carefully selected Spanish Cedar
lines the inside surfaces of the humidor to provide both a humidity buffer and
to aid in the long term aging of cigars.

Though a man made core is used from time to time to provide long term
stability to woods which would otherwise move uncontrollably and perhaps
compromise the overall integrity of the humidor, I frequently use thick cuts
of quarter sawn material which are inherently stable enough to handle the
stresses of a humidor in use.

Most of my cigar humidors are sold unhinged for two very important
reasons.  The lids of my humidors are much heavier than typical factory made
humidor lids and therefore, when opened at 91 - 92 degrees as with typical
Brusso type hinges, are more prone to tipping over backward when fully
opened.  Secondly, an unhinged humidor can be opened either from the front
or rear of the humidor equally with ease.  If, however, you require a hinged
lid, I will gladly do so at no additional cost.

Finally, all S. Tinker Cigar Humidors include an appropriately sized Cigar
Oasis active humidification unit.  I am not receiving a price reduction or any
other incentive to include Cigar Oasis with my products; I simply believe in
Cigar Oasis and use their unit in my own personal cigar humidor.       
Deco Humidor
150 Cigars
$2,000 USD
Cherry & Amboyna Humidor

300 Cigars

$2850 USD

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